The Green Mountain Yurt
The Green Mountain Yurt

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of renting the accommodation at Cortijo Opazo and the Green Mountain Yurt


- Booking. On reserving the accommodation you will be asked to pay a deposit of 40% of the total price. The reservation is not confirmed until that payment has been made and you have advised us by email.


- The balance will be due eight weeks before you holiday starts. If you make your reservation within the eight week period then we will ask for full payment at the time of booking.  If payment is not made within this timescale and we do not hear from you we reserve the right to consider the booking cancelled by the client - see conditions below.


- Cancelation. Once money has been paid no refunds can be given except in the following circumstances. If you need to cancel your booking and we can relet all of your dates at the same price then we will refund your money less a €50 administration fee. If we can let just some of your dates we will work out a pro rata refund. If you cancel your booking and we cannot relet any of your dates then you will loose any money paid.


- If, for any reason, we need to cancel the reservation, we will try to find you satisfactory accommodation near by but if this is not possible or you do not wish for alternative accommodation then you will be given a full refund but we cannot be held responsible for any other consequences of such cancelation.


- On leaving the accommodation must be left in the same condition it was found regarding cleanliness and arrangement of furniture etc. Any damages must be declared and you must be prepared to pay in full to repair or replace items that you have damaged.


- Arrival and departure. The accommodation will be available to you from 16.00 on the day of your arrival and you should vacate by 10.00 on the day of your departure. Arrivals and departures outside this time might be possible but you should consult the owners beforehand. Latest check in time for the yurt is 22.00. It is your responsibility to advise us on your arrival time. If we are not kept informed, especially if there is a delay in your travel arrangements, then we cannot guarantee to be here to meet you and give access to the accommodation.


- On arrival you will be asked to present you passport for identification purposes, a copy of which will be made and retained by Cortijo Opazo and sent to the relevant tourism authorities.


- Visitors. If you wish to have visitors whilst you are staying at the yurt then we ask that you inform us in advance.  All visitors must leave the presmises of the yurt and Cortijo Opazo by 23.00


- Security. We ask that when you leave the accommodation you lock all doors and windows. In any event we are not responsible for your possessions and if any are stolen whilst here then they will not be covered by our insurance policy. If our possessions in the accommodation are stolen because you have left the windows open or the door unlocked whistle away from the premises then we reserve the right to charge you for their loss. They will be covered by our insurance policy only if there is evidence of a break in.


- Access. We reserve the right to enter the accommodation during your stay at any reasonable time in the event of there being a malfunction or suspected malfunction of essential equipment, or any other reasonable cause for concern. If you are there we will, of course, knock on the door first but if you are not there we reserve the right of entry using our own key.

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